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    She's working at the local bar to make some money of her own and to see her old flame again.  She walked away from him in the past but it's four years later and he's looking good.  The only problem is that he already has a girlfriend...

    Quirk Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 7th.

    This is an odd little story.  It seems the bartenders have a second job, a night job.  When they aren't working at the bar, they kill demons.  They've been trained, they are good at their jobs, and the glowing drinks give them special powers.  She finds that out when she notices the hooch hid behind a trap door in the flooring.  She decides to have a screwdriver.  She'd never seen a drink glow before but it tasted fine.  It was a good thing she drank it before going home because she gets attacked by a demon.  Using the skill she didn't know she had after drinking the special booze, she manages to kill it before it kills her.  Zane is not happy.  Civilians aren't supposed to fighting demons.

    Bailey finds out that there are people near her age that form a group called the Alchemists.  With the power of the drinks, they go demon stalking each night.  She ends up being trained by Zane and she's told he's her master.  That doesn't go down well and soon Zane gives up on her and she's sent to another for training.  He's blind but he is still a bartender and can fight demons.

    Disappointed with how it's going, she applies for another job.  While there, she finds out about a plot that will let a lot more demons in.  However, no one believes her.  Soon, they will have to.

    There are a lot of drink recipes in the story, along with some history about the drinks.  You could keep it in the cupboard with your alcohol and use it for reference.

    The story was fast paced, interesting and fascinating all at the same time.  It was well worth a read.

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