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    Her parents are taking a trip and she's looking forward to staying home with her girlfriends.  However, they have plans for her.  They're going to send her to camp!

    Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 7th.

    Camp isn't on her list of fun things to do, but she has no choice.  She ends up with the diva of the group of girls in their cabin.  It's a good thing Chloe met a girl she could get along with as she joined the new arrivals.  The other girl was totally into herself and her expensive clothes and toiletries.  

    Chloe hates spiders and when she grabs the hairspray and uses it on the spider, the diva gets incensed.  That was her custom made hair spray!  Chloe ends up with several confrontations with that cabin mate.  Many times her troubles are caused by the girl.  For example, she spills her meal all over her so she can get the slot that Chloe wanted for training.  Chloe wanted to learn to do cake decorating.  Instead she ends up working with animals, which she hates.

    One of the first things that happens at camp is that the goat butts her in the butt and now she's supposed to take care of him!  That turns into a real challenge.  He has a mind of his own.  It doesn't help when her enemy keeps letting him out.

    This was an entertaining read.  Chloe is trying to toe the line and not get any more demerits, but they just keep on rolling in.  Just when it seems it couldn't get any worse, a big storm happens and the goat is out again...

    What would you do if you got caught in a flash flood?

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