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    Jacques Derrida

    Jacques Derrida (1930-2004), founder of "deconstructionism"

    Jacques Derrida, Algerian-born French deconstructionist philosopher and language theorist, was born 82 years ago today, July 15, 1930.

    During his lifetime (1930-2004) Derrida influenced untold numbers of scholars seeking to critique literature, language, gender, sexuality, culture, visual arts, religion, and even politics. A good example would be Diacritics: A Review of Contemporary Criticism, a quarterly journal published since 1971 and often featuring Derrida’s work.

    Although deconstructionism remained a highly controversial and often polarizing school of critical theory, its importance in intellectual discourse of the late 20th century cannot be denied. Derrida remains one of the most important philosophers and theorists of the last century.

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