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    Dorrie wants nothing more than to be an apprentice librarian.  She's almost afraid they won't ask her back but she's in luck, they do.  But things have changed.  She had a teacher lined up but she gets assigned another...

    Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you). It will be published June 7th.

    This story has fascinating young and old characters, time travel, enemies all through time, and danger abounds.  The travel is through libraries by using a person who can move through time and take others with them.  The library is in danger because there is a missing key that someone stole and the wrong people got hold of it.  Dorrie is an apprentice, so she's not allowed to help look for it.  Somehow, just through chance, she finds out that her current assignment for school has put her in contact with a member of the Foundation.

    There's humor, animals, magic and more in this story.  The action is intense.  They travel through time, find themselves in dangerous positions and they must get back or they're lost forever.  With everyone traveling in different directions it gets a bit confusing but it soon comes together.  It's a battle to the end and it's a good thing that Dorrie was taking sword lessons.  She'll need them...

    I'll be watching for the next one in this series.

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