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    Jericho knew there was still someone out there from his last case.  The people who paid with their lives weren't smart enough to have masterminded the tarot cards and the designs on them.  But who it is, he doesn't know.  He just waits.  And, as he waits, he watches his job slip away from him...

    Blasted Health and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 15th.

    I enjoyed this story more than the first one.  It's an unusual plot and Jericho ends up traveling internationally but it was much like a cat and mouse interaction.  No matter how much the mouse runs and twists and turns and hides, the cat usually gets them.  In this case, Jericho is more the mouse than the cat.

    He finally tells his partner about the final tarot card he found in his hospital room seven months before.  He thought it signaled the end of the trouble but he's rethinking that now.  The recent murders of some mountain climbers has drawn police attention and the chief gives it to him as his last case.  She's being reassigned; he's being laid off and can reapply.  He knows he won't be hired again.  Such is life.

    As they begin their research, they find the last mountain they climbed is cursed.  You can go close but you don't go to the summit.  This batch of five climbers did, and now they are dying.  Four Japanese did the same thing and they are all dead.  Some deaths appear accidental but were they?  Who cares about that mountain top?

    As they trip from country to country and deal with miscellaneous police departments, they learn there is an old organization that has secrets they don't want divulged.  There's an assassin on the job with a killer directing him.  Jericho doesn't live a quiet life.  Many of his new acquaintances die.  And there's a real shocker of an ending.  It was something I didn't see coming.  Neither did Jericho.  I can guess what he's going to do in the next story now... 

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