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    Grace is sent to the Princess Academy by her father, the King of a very small province on the edges of civilization.  She makes an awkward appearance at the boat dock by rolling in after she tripped.  She's wearing a Yak coat and looks like a monster.  No, it's just Grace...

    Random House Books for Young Readers and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 21st.

    Grace reminded me of me.  I was a tom boy and always got in trouble for not acting lady-like.  I liked to hang upside down one on the monkey bars.  Since I refused to stop, they made me wear shorts under my skirt instead of nice white panties.  I was also required to stop climbing over the chain link fence to get foul balls.  And it was all because I was born a girl.

    Grace doesn't have an invitation to the academy, doesn't have the required clothing and can't even curtsy right.  Her cousin has all that down and thinks she's God's gift to the academy.  She hates Grace.

    The first test is whether she can attract a unicorn.  Everyone easily gets one but it looks like Grace is out of luck.  Then a scruffy unicorn with longer hair shows up and adopts Grace.  They're two of a kind:  A bit unkept and improper, but they both know how to have fun.
    When her cousin is picked to be the golden princess for the tournament, no one is surprised.  But she goes to far by slapping another girl and lying about it, so she loses her roll.  The head of the school then assigns that honor to Grace which just inflames the cousin.

    Poor Grace is doing the best she can but things don't work like they should.  At least she doesn't think so.  It actually all turns out like it should and her papa, the King, is very very proud of her.  So is the school and her unicorn.

    This was a fun tale to read.  I'm ready to read the next book already.  Princess Grace is a kick!

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