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    Poppy and her guardian are going back to Ramses looking for their next adventure.  They're riding a magic carpet and it doesn't like Colt.  The feeling is mutual.  They make it there even if Colt gets dropped and tripped.  Now to find out what their next adventure will be!

    Dark Horse Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this graphic novel for review (thank you).  It will be published June 21st.

    Colt was a good friend of her grandfather's and he was sent to be her guardian and make sure she comes to no harm.  Poppy just loves adventures, so Colt has his job cut out for him.  

    The skull gives them a riddle about an exotic fish that they need to locate.  Colt has a good idea where to go, even if he's not welcome there.  Since they get run out of the building, Poppy has the feeling he's been there before.  When she finds out why, she puts together another piece of the riddle and they head in another direction. There are huge sea creatures, all kinds of exotic fish and amphibians, and dangerous situations for Poppy and Cole to overcome.

    The illustrations by Brian Hurrt are eye openers that make you realize just how big that octupus is amongst other animals.

    Why not take a little journey with Poppy and see if you can solve the puzzles she does?  She's a smart kid! 

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