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    She's been banished from her kingdom.  She spoke out against the King and he took offense.  She used to be a woodwalker and took care of the natural environment around the castle.  When the King starting talking about shooting trespassers, she spoke out.  Now she can't even go back there...

    Harper Voyager Impulse and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

    This a great fantasy story.  Mae can't go back and she knows it.  She can be executed if she does.  But when she finds a deposed queen and her brothers in a town on the coast, she knows they need help.  Maybe if they just skirt the woods, avoid the trails and avoid the patrols, maybe they can make it.  However, the queen is not being very gracious about it.  She complains about everything and resents the physical strength it takes to do it.  She thinks she's suffered more than Mae.  But she won't tell her anything.  There's no why given just no thanks either.

    This story is layered.  The past was not pleasant.  The King was powerful, mean and took what he wanted.  His son is now King and he's a lot better but his cabinet of ministers is trying to usurp him. Mae is helping a queen whose kingdom was overcome by the previous King.  She's hoping to create peace.  

    Despite sneaking through the woods and taking odd routes, they get captured.  Mae is sentenced to death.  How will they escape?

    I liked this whole adventure and despite the odds, everything turns out alright.  There's even a final surprise at the end that I really loved.  I'm buying this one for me.  I'd read it again.

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