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    He can never forget killing his best friend.  He was screwing around in a pickup with friends when he turned at high speed and knocked his friend out of the back of the pickup.  When his friend hit the tree, it broke his neck.  He doesn't even like being on the ranch anymore and he can't forgive himself for doing such a thing.  He has no choice, though.  He needs to stay with Grandma while his twin brothers are on their honeymoons.

    Serenade Books let me read this book for review (thank you).  It's a novella and is the third book in this series about the three brothers.  It has been published.  Why not read all three, they're all good.

    Luke is just suffering out his time on the ranch.  He can't stop his memories and he can't move on being so close to the place of death.  He soon has something else to think about.  When a schoolbus shows up at the ranch and the children get off for a tour, he's flabbergasted.  All he can think about is how easy it would be for them to get hurt!  They're hunting butterflies and manage to do so unscathed.  What he notices is the special ed teacher has a student she's working with.  He doesn't speak, he doesn't look anyone in the eye and he doesn't respond to touch.  But the boy likes horses.

    As Luke teaches him about horses and riding, he begins to lighten up a bit.  He also notices the teacher is pretty.  It takes a crisis for Luke to accept what happened in the past and begin to live again.  His future looks much brighter...

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