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    Class is excited when the teacher comes to school with a pet for the classroom.  It's a little hamster and they all want to touch and hold it.  They're told no and they abide by the rules until the teacher oversleeps one morning and is late to class.  When he arrives at class, there's no one there!

    Abrams Books shared this picture with me so I could read and review it (thank you).  It was just published June 19th.

    Fluffity might be a cute little hamster but when the second grade class lets him out of his cage, he bites them.  He bites of all of them, everyone who touches him.  And some who don't even try.  Pretty soon, they are trying to get away from him.  They hide in the library.

    Ms. Perl's words spin merrily from the pages with rhymes here and there and Mr. Henry Cole's illustrations are precious.  Fluffity looks pretty ferocious hanging off the teacher's knee, let me tell you!

    They learn how to occupy the hamster and help him work his energy off and all is going well.  Then they get another pet.  I see another book coming since I've met the new pet.  It should be real exciting, too!

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