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    Cleo is not fond of the duties her life contains.  School is where people make fun of her glasses, she's always having to tidy things up, and she has no friends.  But she has a way of changing that...

    Clavis Books and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

    This is a sweet story with lovely illustrations that takes you into the fantasy world of a young girl.  Her only real friend is her cat so when she sails away from the world she lives in, she will take him along.

    Once she imagines the ship, she imagines a tour across the sea through a field of trees where she meets a boy.   They visit a mermaid cave, pick stars out of the sky, and fight sea monsters.  She's very brave in her imaginary world.

    Did you take fantasy journeys in your childhood?  I would see somebody living in an unusual place and pretend I could change places with them for one day.  Then I would imagined what I would do and see while in that cabin by the river or in the castle I could see in the distance.

    This little one is following her own dreams.  She knows what her magical life would be like.  (Please note there is no school.)

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