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    We worry about anthrax poisoning, bird flu, chemical warfare, loss of electricity and more in current times.  One thing that hasn't come up as a worry is spiders.  This story centers on the release of a sac of spiders from hell.  They are carnivorous...

    Emily Bestler Books allowed me to read this ARC for review (thank you).  It will be published July 5th.

    I hate spiders.  I don't mind daddy long legs but the others make me real nervous.  When I was offered this book, I knew it was about a subject I didn't like.  I made sure I read it during daylight hours.  The comfort here is that the spiders are treated like any other kind of epidemic.

    The thing most chilling about this story is how easily these things spread.  They grow and die quickly but they do a lot of damage on the way.  People and shipments carry them and travel bring them from countries to other countries.  Once they are established, they go on reproducing.  It's a major problem that the US is not doing well at containing.  It's hard to study the spiders when you have several interruptions, problems and panic in your laboratory.  It worse when one of the graduate students has a spider burrow into him...

    There is a lot research being done, the military is doing what they can, and not much progress is being made.  The real horror comes in the final paragraphs when the spider specialist tells the president it appears this scourge was just the first batch.  They are evolving and bigger ones will be coming.

    Sure, there's going to be a sequel.  No, I'm not going to read it.  I faced my fears reading this one, I need no nightmares!  If you like being scared of out of your pants, this series will do it. 

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