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    Hattie is a high school student looking forward to graduation.  She intends to go to New York and come into her own there.  Any place is better than home and the bigger the better.  She's always excelled at everything and generally gets her own way all time.  But things are about to change...

    Emily Bestler Books sent me a manuscript to read for review (thank you).  This book will be published on January 3rd.

    Hattie is a bit of a mixed up kid.  She has goals and dreams and thinks everyone else should adhere to her wishes.  When she pushes the issues, she ends up ruining lives.  But when they find her dead in a deserted barn, no one realizes what a manipulator she was or how anyone could want her dead.  As they dig in the case and find DNA that matches a teacher, they think they have their killer.  

    Everyone she's touched has been harmed in some way.  She was acting in her world, not being real.  She didn't understand the danger.  The murder was a moment of insanity but by whom?  The teacher denied hurting her, his wife talks to him, and he confesses.  What's that about?

    The more the police dig, the uglier the truth gets.  At the end, justice is served.  But she's still impacted the small town and left her mark on many.  It will be years before wounds heal.  What's even more ironic is that Hattie left a recording behind that told the story in her own words.  This book will work on your head...

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