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    When Jenna goes to meet her lifelong best friend and is a few minutes late, she didn't expect her to be gone or never show.  They were going to go out and have a few drinks and act like they did when they younger.  They both needed a break from life.  Not only did Celia miss that meeting, she just disappeared.  How could a wife and mother who had lots of commitments just disappear?  Did she run away or was she abducted?

    NAL sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It's been published.

    Jenna is trying to put the pieces together even though she knows her friend has been gone long enough the odds are against her being found alive.  She probably wouldn't be possessed with it if the journalists weren't always hounding her and trying to get her to make scandalous statements on camera.  What she does say usually backfires.  She's a single mother who is a nurse and the scandal of the loss of her friend and a few bad words are losing her customers.  Some folks think she killed her.

    Along with the mystery of her friend's disappearance, her son has found his first girlfriend.  But she can't be his girlfriend.  Her father won't let her see him.  That doesn't sound normal.  Especially since he saw her father kiss her in a way Dad's don't.  Jenna tries to help him but another young woman has turned up dead, and she's still concerned about Celia.

    Out of all the odd characters, bad characters and family secrets, there was one person that I finally started to suspect.  I was right.  But with so much going on and so many people in distress it was hard to tell.  I'm glad I'm done with this one.  Maybe I'll be able to get my breath back to normal again.

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