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    Little Donny Trump Needs a Nap

    Written & Illustrated By:  Matt Maley

    With Quotes and References:  Donald J. Trump

    ISBN  9780692741207


    A "Children's" book that is a political parody of the Presumptive Republican Nominee and his bombastic manner.

    Maley, a New Paltz artist, illustrates and writes this short book using topics that Trump has brought into the election.   In the rear of the book Maley provides a section of direct quotes from Trump.

    Win or loose, Mr. Trump's campaign for the highest office in the land (and world) will be studied for decades.  It is unlike anything that has occurred in this country before - sadly though it has the feel of campaigns that have occurred elsewhere.

    Trump, through his outlandish outbursts and style has captivated some by being forthright and be "un-politically" correct.   He seems to have tapped into the anger of some who feel that the "establishment" has left them behind.  

    Ironically, his targets are often people who have struggled to gain acceptance and rights, and for who the American dream was not within reach. His approach has been to touch cords in people who feel that they have been neglected or passed over.

    Trump's approach has seemed to center on making strong statements that defy conventional wisdom and understanding, and making them repeatedly and strongly enough that they ultimately become accepted as legitimate.  Few of his statements are seen as leading to reasonable policy decisions for the future of the country nor are they construed as having sufficient substance to actually understand what the statements really suggest.  

    He has been able to reverse, accept, and deny his statements in the same sentence.   His statements, because they are so out of the norm have been given a significant amount of press coverage simply because of the bizarre nature of what he has said and done.   For a fair amount of time during the primaries the other Republican nominees did not want to engage in a campaign that was so filled with personal attacks and assaults which resulted in Trump being perceived as strong and willing to speak his mind.  Further, the press, at least during the early days of the campaign tended to view his campaign as a fluke and a publicity stunt that would soon dissolve. 

    His approach seems to have put the Republican party in complete disarray as it  has left a leadership vacuum, with many Republican elected officials unclear of how to handle the "Trump" question.  Many are in fear of being too closely aligned with concepts and ideas that he has presented for fear that by doing so they will alienate their constituency.   

    This small book will serve as a humorous compilation of some of the approach of Trump. 

    It is available from our website - click here  

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