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    Annabel Grey has been raised as a lady.  She has her manners down, knows how to act in social settings and how to behave in public.  That doesn't help at all when she's sent to live with her aunts.  Her mother is going on a trip and she must stay with them while she's gone.  She never even knew she had aunts!

    Knopf Books for Young Readers and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 2nd.

    Not only does she not know the aunts, they're weird.  She's got chores to do and she doesn't even know how to sweep a floor.  She's a big disappointment because she knows so little about household duties and she knows NOTHING about being magical.  Her aunt is really angry over that.  Then they find out Mr. Angel is on the move and trying to fill the city (and world) with dark magic so he can control it.  Poor Annabel has no time to learn magic.  They give her a broomstick to ride, a magic wand, and give her a map.  The map is on her body like a tattoo, so it's hard for her to read.  Good thing she has a friend to go with her.

    Kitty is half of this world and half on the world unseen.  She sees fairies and the trees talk to her.  Even the wind carries messages for her.  She agrees to accompany Annabel but only for more food.  She's not friendly.  But Annabel is happy to have someone with her.  She must go to Underworld England to recover the white wand that can help her conquer her enemy.

    They run into trolls, have to escape a dragon, and then Annabel is grabbed by the dark shadows and her two friends hope they can get there in time to save her.

    Have you ever had a troll as a friend?  Read this story and you'll meet Annabel's friend.  

    I enjoyed the romp through the underground and the story in general.  Annabel doesn't know what she's doing but she rises to the occasion.  What more could you ask?

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