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    ISBN:  8322106726
    Published by:  Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filowe Ltd., Warsaw, 1996/ M.M. Art Books in New York, 1996

    An Autobiographical work by the Artist featuring his thoughts and art.

    Dated (Dec 1st, 1997) and signed by the artist.

    UNIQUELY, this specific book features the artists homage and thanks to one Mrs. Milton.
    He writes. . . 
    10th Anniversary of Our Move next door.
    Dear Mrs. Milton:  The was the best move we ever made!  To the best Landlady in NYC.

    A rather unique sketch depicting the move.  It is a rarity to find someone reaching out and thanking a landlord - particularly in New York where landlord tenant relations are often seen as less than harmonious.  

     The book was printed by a small publisher, and we were struct by the artistic prospectus that was enclosed with the book, used to promote it.   It is certainly in keeping with the artists well known approach to art and commentary, and is a unique addition to an already rare and desirable rendition.

    IF interested in purchasing the book (the only one like it).  CLICK HERE

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