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    Rock is the school bully and he likes to play tricks on people.  The Hooligan brothers were just trying to undo a trick of his when the principal caught them and thought they were the ones doing the pranking.  They looked Rock up and asked him to stop.  He laughed at them.  So they challenged him to a go cart race.  If he lost, he stopped the pranks.  If they lost, they did his pranks for him.  So they had a good reason to win the race!

    Shadow Mountain and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 6th.

    This is a great middle grade read for those with a sense of humor.  The alien is big and purple and likes to eat socks and other clothes.  They first make contact with it during the go cart race.  All they knew was that something big and purple was in the middle of the road down the mountain and they had to go off road to get away from it.

    Things get a bit more exciting when one of the brothers disappears and it appears the purple monster has him.  They manage to get him back and hurry home, even if he is heavy and hard to carry.  They go to bed and try to forget all they saw.  Unfortunately, their purple pet follows them.  He takes the short route inside:  Right through the roof.

    I have to say they have very tolerant parents.  I don't think my parents would have been so understanding.  Of course, you never knew about Mom.

    In a while, they decide he must be an alien.  It doesn't help that there are people after him.  How do you hide something that big?

    The story is humorous, silly and just the right thing to lift your mood.  It's a fun read.  And there will be more in this series.  The bully hasn't given up yet...

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