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    Rasmus has grown up in the orphanage and Miss Hawk is quite strict.  When he gets in trouble by accident she tells him he's get his punishment in the morning.  She canes the bad boys and he's afraid of that.  He decides to run, but his friend won't go with him.  He's not sure if he's brave enough, but run he does...

    Plough Publishing sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can buy a copy now.

    I've read some of the Pippi Longstalking series, so I had to read this one.  Rasmus is very enjoyable character who misses being nurtured.  The orphanage is teaching him skills he will be able use when he goes to work at thirteen but there isn't much love being shared.  This is his first time ever at being all alone and when he hides in an old barn and sleeps in the hay, he's almost ready to despair. It gets even worse when he discovers there's someone else sleeping in the hay!

    He gets ready to run when the yawning man asks him if he thinks he eats children?  He assures him he does not.  He has just met Paradise Oscar, a vagabond.  Oscar allows him to travel with him.  He knows houses that will share food, safe places to sleep and special quiet places to visit.  Ramus loves being free to roam, getting lots of good food, and having good company.

    All's well until Oscar wants to go visit an older lady and sing her favorite song.  He always visits on the way through and she is always generous.  However,  when they arrive, the maid sends them away.  When Rasmus asks to get a drink of water, he notices the lady is bit shaken up.  He also notices that the curtains seem to be wearing shoes.  Rasmus and Oscar get in a tangle with the bad guys and then escape.  The only problem is that the maid says they're the ones who did the robbery and hurt the old lady.  Rasmus isn't going to let them get away with that.

    It's a dangerous road Rasmus is walking now.  He started out looking for his forever home with parents and now he's trying to catch robbers to clear Oscar's record.  

    You'll love following along with Rasmus and Oscar during their adventures.  This is a sweet tale with a happy ending and I really enjoyed reading it.

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