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    War is never a good thing.  In this world, the damage done is significant and those still alive appear to be more monster than human. When she's plucked from the group of prisoners being held, she knows it's not a good thing.  The others coming with her aren't happy either.  But they didn't know just what they were facing.  That's a good thing...

    Image Comics sent me an ebook of this comic to read (thank you).  It has been published and you can buy a copy now.

    She's missing an arm but that doesn't make her less powerful.  She's wanted because she is thought to be a witch.  She's not a witch, though.  She's worse.  When she finds out they brought them to this prison just to harvest them, she's determined to escape.

    There's plenty of blood and gore, treachery all around, and no one is safe anywhere.  Running doesn't do her much good because there's really no where for her to go.  As the story progresses, she finds out more about who she is but she doesn't like it.  While her little fox friend is scared of her, she's scared of herself.

    I'm not sure where this is going to go but I find it interesting that dead people can be brought back to life and that nothing and no one is what is what it seems.  The artwork is fabulous.  Comic books aren't simple little illustrations anymore.  This one is voluptuous, colorful, and vibrant.  The illustrations will keep you reading.  There's more than one monster in this story...

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