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    She's always been different.  That's why her mother moved here to this small town where people don't know them.  Mom is hoping for a fresh start.  The girl hates her new school, the new town, and everybody around her.  At least she does until she meets the Graces.  Then the girls from school tell her that they are witches.  Really?

    Amulet Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published September 6th.

    As you read this story, you get the feeling there are things hiding in the shadows.  There's what happens in the story and something more going on.  The girl tries to make friends with the Graces because she knows she has something odd within her and maybe it's a whitchy thing.  When she decides her real name is River, she's almost becoming friends with the youngest Grace.  She doesn't know how dangerous that is.

    River is responsible for her father being gone.  Her mother works odd hours and doesn't keep track of her.  She can meet with the Graces whenever she wants and she wants to a lot.  She goes to parties at the Graces, does witch spells and finds herself falling in love with the older brother.  

    The Graces are a family with power.  They have money, important positions and lots of attitude.  No one dares cross them.  River has nothing and doesn't fit in well but they are becoming like family to her.  Despite what has happened in her past, River doesn't realize how dangerous she is.  She finds out before the end of the book.  

    The scary part is that now that she knows what she can do, she intends to use it.  She's hurt and vindictive right now.  That doesn't sound like a good mix...

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