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    Billy, Imogene's son, wants to go to a Mermaid's Convention in Florida and visit the daughter of a woman he nursed.  Imogene and Agnes are widowed sisters in the late 70's and they've never seen a mermaid.  Jackson, Billy's partner, goes where ever Billy goes.  Jackson's bulldog, Goose, goes where he goes.  So they all pile in the car and head out for Florida.  When they arrive, the first place they go is out on the tour boat to see the sights.  Looking through the glass they see fish and plants and a dead body...

    Rolltop Pulishing and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 15th.

    Billy has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is always fussing about his mom and taking his own blood pressure.  Jackson is very protective of him.  So imagine when the cops arrest Billy for the murder.  He pushes the bulldog around in a baby carriage.  When he gets on the boat, the carriage is left behind.  They find evidence in the buggy.  The fact that Billy didn't even know the man and had just arrived there that day, didn't matter.  Off to jail he must go.

    Jackson has a fit and tries to visit him with no results.  Imogene is mad to think they would even THINK Billy murdered someone.  Aunt Agnes isn't happy either.  They decide they have to find the killer themselves.

    From here on, it evolves into a madcap adventure with the three free parties going in different directions and creating havoc everywhere.  For a small place that doesn't do much until convention days, this little hotbed of mermaids is as bad as Peyton Place.  Everybody had lovers, there were unexpected pregnancies and they all have secrets.  Alas, with two nosy old biddies and a determined lover those secrets won't remain hidden for long.

    With the bulldog along for the adventures and Aunt Agnes pet monkey she had to let go, there's enough going on to fill a story with barks and monkey business, mostly on Aunt Agnes' part.  If you read this, you won't be bored.

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