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    Walt's on a new case.  He's out of his jurisdiction so he says he's on vacation but it's a working vacation.  And it's even more dangerous than the cases he has at home.  Imagine trying to investigate a case during the Sturgis motorcycle rally...

    First to Read sent me an ebook of this story to read for review (thank you).  It will be published September 13th.

    I've read the Longmire series now for a long time and the books just keep getting better.  There's always pain and suffering and a few people dead in them but the determination to solve the case and the banter that goes on with the characters keep me reading.

    The young man who was riding the motorcycle has a serious head injury.  Someone hit him to knock him off the road and he unfortunately hit a culvert on the way down.  Walt decides to find out who hit him.  It looks like it could have been his own mother but she said everybody in the motorcycle gang used her car.  So who was driving that night?

    Things are much more complicated than it originally looked.  The boy's mother is Henry's old girlfriend and the boy might be his child.  There's a gang member bothering them and it turns out he's a federal agent who ends up dead.  There's a very rich man with a very spoiled daughter who stand out in the small community.  Vic even ends up in a shooting contest with "Mr. Snob".  She beats him, too.

    The answers to the problems are messy, will have good and bad consequences for the town, and most of the time the other law enforcement folks are trying not to look at what Walt and Henry are doing.  

    It's a good read and I enjoyed it.  Can't wait to see them back in action again.

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