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    They're looking for a serial killer but they're looking in the wrong place...

    Urbane Publications sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can pick the book up now.

    This was a very interesting read.  The killer was a twist I didn't see coming.  There's also a psychologist who pulls back into a fantasy world to deal with the how the case is going and because he's losing his girlfriend.  There is more than one mentally off person in this book.

    The case has been ongoing for some time, so a new lead detective is sent in.  The one that previously headed the case is determined to investigate on his own.  That causes some difficulty.  They also have someone feeding the newspapers.  Then they find out the first man arrested who died in prison was NOT guilty.  This is when the psychologist feels he's responsible and moves into Dorothy Sayers world.  He thinks he's Lord Peter Wimsey.  This is where it starts to become a bit surreal.

    Between the psych games the police are playing to bring the psychologist back to the present day and finding more circumstantial evidence, they come up with another potential killer.  He denies it.  They're ready to push on and then they get the surprise of their life.  The killer is someone else entirely...

    With a mix and match of old and new techniques, they were getting mixed results.  I'm not sure where this series is going but there could easily be further books in this series.  Will the gal leave her lover for another?  Will the man who headed the crime unit and attempted to charge two innocent men keep his job?  Will the cop who was taken off the case be content with his new role?

    One thing you can easily say about this read:  It makes you think. 

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