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    Willow is a holistic doctor who owns a pet food store and runs a restaurant within it.  They cater and it's a big wine tasting event that has them scheduled today.  It doesn't look good when one of the guests drops dead after eating one of their hors devores.  Who would have killed Amy?  Or was it David they were trying to kill?

    Pocket Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 27th.

    Willow and her partner Jackson, who is an ex-cop, know the drill.  They touch nothing, answer the police officer's questions and wait to see what killed her.  The man running the event is Willow's old boyfriend, Simon, who is just a friend now.  Since it happened when everyone was trying to win the prestigious first prize in a wine tasting contest, he asks Willow and Jackson to help him find the murderer.  

    The fish was served with dandelion greens on it to add a special flavor and make it attractive.  Someone had added a bit of hemlock to the one Amy was eating.  David almost ate one also but didn't.  David is the one with the new wine concept and either someone doesn't want him to win or jealousy might have reared its ugly head.  He's a womanizer.  Willow is astonished when they arrest her young assistant.  It seems she was one of David's conquests while they were getting ready to do this event.

    The number of enemies David could have is overwhelming.  Even his father and brother were angry with him.  Most any of the other wineries were willing to do whatever was necessary to win.  There was a cash prize and most of them needed it.  Willow and Jackson check out what they can.  Simon does the same thing on his end. As suspected, the killer is in their midst and several more had their hands in part of the trouble.

    This is a cozy mystery with lots of nature talk, some romance and a mixed up bunch of people.  Despite a couple of deaths, it has a sweet ending.  Read this one and you'll learn about herbal remedies as well as wine making.

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