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    He's always been a bit afraid of the butler, Mr. Scant.  He's tall, has an almost military bearing, never smiles, and he takes no nonsense.  He just tries to stay out of his way.  Then he sees something he shouldn't and he's in a bad situation...

    Carolrhoda Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 1st.

    Oliver happens to see Mr. Scant with an odd mechanism on his hand; it looks like a claw.  He's been reading about robberies in the paper and the claw has been mentioned there.  When Scant finds out he's been seen, he tells Oliver he's returning the goods that his brother has stolen.  He also asks Oliver to help him.

    When things almost go wrong, Scant tells him it was all a story to make him more interested in his classes.  Oliver doesn't believe it but even the teacher says it's true.  He tells Oliver the brother he talked to was just an actor.  Oliver isn't sure what to think.

    As he's thinking about, he's approached by the brother who says Scant is in trouble and needs him.  When he takes him to Scant's hideaway, several others show up and they destroy all Mr. Scant's things.

    From here on out, it gets more and more exciting, more and more amazing and the ending is perfect.  Middle graders should love this story.  It's an exciting adventure with lots of intrigue and surprises for everyone.  Get a copy for your young adventurer!

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