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    Her grandmother has sprained her ankle badly, so she takes some time off to help her out and spend some time with her favorite relative.  What she doesn't discover until she gets there is that Grandma also has some matchmaking in mind...

    Howard Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 4th.

    Sophie is a photographer and travels all over the world.  She's trying hard to get a contract with a ski wear company.  It would look really good on her resume and would bring her other jobs.  She's only going to be there a few weeks, do Christmas with Grandma, and then she'd be flying out the first of the year.

    David is a good looking male who lives next door.  She might be able to pretend she's not interested in him but Troy won't be put off.  He's six and he likes her and Grandma's new dog.  He even calls her grandmother "Grandma".  She originally thinks David is married and it's his child until Troy calls him uncle.  Then she finds out his parents died in a traffic accident.  David is still hurting about the loss of his brother and has no idea how to raise a child.  He appreciates her help.  After all, he's married to his business.

    She suggests he take some time off during the Christmas season and spend it with Troy.  He hates to but knows it might help them get used to each other.  The problem is that he is getting used to Sophie, too.

    There's a touch of Christianity, a cup of love, and even some romance for Grandma in this story.  It's a warm comfortable story and it has a happy ending.  If you like romance, you'll like this one.  Give it a try. 

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