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    It all started when Sep was trying to subdue a drunk pedophile.  He was being obnoxious, trying to throw his political clout around, and trying to hit the officers.  Sep stepped in, held him in place and was ready to head back to the cells with him when he collapsed.  Turns out he had epilepsy and no one knew it.  When he dies, it's worst thing that could happen for Sep.

    Severn House and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 1st.

    Sep tells his side of the story but none of the cops will support him.  He eventually is asked to leave the force or he will face jail time.  Bad enough that he and his wife have separated, now he's lost his job.  Before he even gets over that, his wife comes in all beat up and claims he did it.  He didn't, but no one believes him again.  He also finds out she has taken almost all the money in their checking account, even what they were saving.  How can life get worse?

    Sep knows there's a bad cop in the group but he can't prove it. That's how he got set up for a fall.  The cop is even living with his wife and they're not divorced yet.  The worst part is the guy the cop is working for.  He's a gangster who kills whenever he feels like it.  You disappoint him, you're dead.  If he thinks you might talk, you're dead.  I sure wouldn't work for him.

    Now this monster has kidnapped two young children and is using them to get land from their father.  He doesn't intend to return the children but he's keeping them alive during negotiations.  The father begs Sep to find his children.  This is where it gets really intense.

    Sep decides to operate undercover.  He assumes the identity of a man he jailed in the past who is now in the states.  He does it so well the people who know him don't see him.  Then he sets out to find out what he can about the children.  Along the way he helps shut down a big brothel ring.  He has a friend that I think will become his next romantic interest. She's walked on the other side of the law and is a lot of help in this plot he's creating to capture both the bad cop and the gangster.

    There are a lot of cat and mouse situations, dead men are falling everywhere, and the "informant" manages to get the information he needs from the cop.  He outcharmed the charmer.

    It's an exciting busy read with lots going on.  Grab a copy, sit down, and take a walk on the dark side of crime.

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