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    It was just a routine murder case when a body was found near a dumpster wrapped in child's blanket.  Then they turned the victim over and they recognized her...

    Seventh Street Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published October 4th.

    She's the beautiful wife of an important local attorney.  He's out of town, they aren't sure how or where she was killed, and they don't know why.  The hardest part of this case is the "why".

    A good portion of this story is played out in court.  The cop just knows the husband killed his wife but he can find no proof.  The attorney for the husband is called back out of retirement for this case.  He knows Ben is innocent.  There's a rabid sister who wants Ben found guilty.  It appears this wonderful envious life wasn't all it seemed to be...

    There are cat and mouse games all the way through the story and the more that is found the more confusing it gets.  They do identify the murder weapon, they find the bloody sheets and they find a used condom.  She was having an affair.  She's not the only one.

    The motive was greed and the belief that the killer was smart enough to get away with it.  It was seeing something the attorney wasn't meant to see that turned the tide.  And he almost died for it.

    Ethical questions can be hard to deal with but lying directly or just not saying anything is not the way to do it.  Relationships were frayed, lives were broken and two people ended up dead.  Was it worth it?

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