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    To Helen Grace, it was just another dead body.  It was in the Torture Rooms of a local S&M club and that was of note.  It wasn't until she removed the tape from his face that she saw it was Jake.  It shook her up so bad she went outside and vomited.  She'd been his customer for about three years.  Would the investigation expose her?  She hadn't been back for two years but any records kept wouldn't keep her secret.

    Berkley Publishing Group and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you)).  It will published October 4th.

    This author makes me uncomfortable.  Things like Torture Rooms don't exist in my life.  But the stories are written well enough I keep reading them.  This one has an awful ending but I know there will be more in this series.  It's not over yet.

    Helen works the case and then there's another victim.  It's another man she used to take away her pain and they had a bad ending to their meeting.  When one more dead body is found and she knows them, she tells her boss about her connection.  He lets her continue with the case.

    Helen has other problems.  She has two deputies that are trying to get ahead of each other.  They make some foolish decisions, arrest the wrong people and then get off track totally.  When they connect Helen with the case, one of them goes off on a tangent, investigating Helen.

    The worst thing is that she doesn't realize what is going on.  It gets messier than ever and when Helen finally figures out who is doing the crime, she finds herself on the hook.  The killer set her up.  Is there any way out?

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