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    Irene is moving back home.  She doesn't want to.  She's an assistant district attorney in Manhatten, she has a reasonable apartment and she likes living in New York.  But her mother is 70 and getting more frail.  She wants her to come home...

    Alibi and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 11th.

    She won't find a job as an attorney in New Mexico.  She can run a business, though, and her mother has contacts and fashion knowledge that will help her acquire high end used clothing and sell it on consignment.  Offering a very expensive item for half-price goes over well.  Even finding a dead body in her closet at the store brings in business.  It's a bit upsetting to her, though.

    First one friend of her mother and then another are murdered.Will they be after her mother next?  Not only that, the police chief takes her in as a person of interest.  She hardly knew the lady and if she killed her would she have called the police?

    This is a well-woven tale of deception.  Her mother's friends knew more than they should about illegal activities and that made them victims.  Now Irene and her mother are walking in the same quicksand.  Will they get out alive?

    The pace is quick, one of the bad guys was a surprise and I enjoyed the story.  I'll be watching for another mystery from this author.

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