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    They are taking her up to the big house.  She's to work in the kitchen and do other duties as required.  She doesn't want to leave her mama.  Once she's up there, she'll have to stay and sleep there; no more family time.  It doesn't matter what she wants, they come to collect her and away she goes...

    Scholastic Press and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 27th.

    The author does this story in verse form and it fits the story line perfectly.  It only takes a few paragraphs before you fall in love with this little girl who is smart and can't understand why the world isn't fair.  While the subject matter is a bit sad, the story was a joy to read.  This was an excellent read.

    Grace hasn't learned to be subservient yet, so when she mouths off and defies the lady of the house, they make the decision to sell her family as a lesson to her.  If Grace hadn't overheard them, she would have lost her entire family at the next auction.  As it is, she decides to run.

    Uncle Jimmy and her mama aren't sure if they should run but they also don't want to lose their family.  Off they go, with dogs and bounty hunters after them.

    Grace learns that some of the other black people she's met are part of an underground railroad system.  Nothing so fancy or so formal, but they help those who want to escape.  They don't go north, though.  They go into the Great Dismal Swamp.  Other than animals and a few escaped Negoes, there no one there.  The whites and bounty hunters avoid the area.

    It's not long before they've developed another family member and have built themselves a new home.  As she works and plays and enjoys nature, Grace begins to understand the concept of freedom.  And she loves it...

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