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    Hilda tells her mother she's visiting friends but Mom finds out she isn't.  She's just running around wild having adventures of her own.  Her mother tells her it's dangerous and grounds her.  Then she gets in trouble again and becomes housebound.  Does that keep her home?  Noooo....

    Flying Eye Books sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published October 4th, so you can grab a copy then.

    This time, when Hilda tries to leave her Mom grabs her hand and goes along.  The bad news?  They have no idea where they are and they have lost the friend they had with them.  How will they get back home?

    They meet stone trolls, get lost in the mountain caves and run as far away as they can only to find themselves back where they started.  It doesn't look like they'll get out alive.  But something usual happens.  The troll with the little baby feeds them, let's them rest and then leads them out of the caves. They find their way home and all is well again.  At least until the next morning...

    I wonder what adventures Hilda will have in her next book?  There's more to this story than first seemed.

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