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    Zoe is living a lucky life.  She got into trouble after her mother's death and found Mick, her mom's boyfriend, was not only selling drugs but was into using young girls as prostitutes.  She turns he and his partner in.  The cops offer a witness protection program.  The offenders beat her up and she just takes off.  She lived in California.  Now she's living in New York.  And she has a life everyone will envy...

    Atria Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published today.

    She's married to a Wall Street tycoon named Henry.  He's very handsome, spoils her with jewelry, clothing, shoes and special treats and impulsive outstanding vacations.  She loves it and she loves him.  It was love at first sight.  But was it?

    The first things I noticed was that he wanted to control her life.  He didn't want her to continue working.  He pretty much dictated what she wore.  He didn't like it if she talked to other men.  She got so she was sneaking around to avoid confrontations.

    She is part of a non-profit group and arranged a fund raiser for them.  When the reporter comes to write up the story, she tells him that she doesn't want her picture in the paper.  She doesn't want the men after to find her.  Henry gets upset because she was talking to the journalist.  She tells him he has nothing to worry about.

    The story keeps increasing in intensity the more you read.  She knows she was adopted so she goes to find her real mother.  That makes Henry angry.  He wants to be her everything, she doesn't need anyone else.  When she finds her, she learns that she was part of a pair of twins.  She never knew she had a sister...

    It gets even more sinister when she finds out that the wife Henry lost to a car accident was that sister.  What's going on?  Nothing good...

    You'll keep flipping pages until you get to the end.  Henry was more than a Wall Street tycoon.  And she'll be lucky to get out alive.

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