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    Dean was all through with pirate life.  The captain that forced him into service is dead and he's going to go straight now.  The problem is that pirates aren't through with him...

    Carolrhoda Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 1st.  While you're waiting for this one, you can read the first in the series that will explain about Dean's pirate life and how dangerous it was.

    He and his friends are surfing and relaxing on an island that they need to leave before dusk falls.  There are gorillas on the island that don't like to share and they start moving then.  This time, as the girl surfs one more big wave, it gets to be too late.  They have to run.  The other two get away but Dean has to walk out and keep away from the gorillas.  When he finally sees a ship, he thinks he's home free.  Unfortunately, it has English soldiers on it and they pick him up and take him back to jail because he has a pirate tattoo.  They sentence him to death.  All is lost and bleak.  Then an old man gets brought down to the prison cell and he has a plan to get out.  Sounds good, but Dean isn't getting away that easily.  He's captured by pirates again and they have plans for him.

    The author is really imaginative and gets Dean into situations where it seems like it's impossible to get out alive.  The stories are exciting, his friends stick with him, and the surprises keep coming.  I can't imagine what the next book will be about...

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