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    Hamish is back and he's just as fuddled as before.  This time, he's investigating ghosts...

    Grand Central Publishing and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published February 21st.

    Hamish is tired of being controlled by his current girlfriend, so the first thing he does is figure out how to get out of the commitment.  He's not kind about and it's a bit crude, but she's definitely out of his life.  He thinks he'll write off women for a while.

    The local castle owner asks him to come and visit and look into the noises he swears are coming from a ghost. Hamish and his assistant agree to come and sleep in the abandoned part of the building where the noise originates.  No noise but his assistant falls through the roof and finds a dead body below.  It was not a natural death, so now they really have something to investigate.

    With smuggling, bad e-cigarettes, cops trying to kill each other and more, Hamish has plenty to keep him busy.  There's lot of action, more than one death, and the original body missing, you'll keep turning pages to the end.  His old girlfriend came back to town for a few days but they didn't connect.  I wonder if they are going to get together again? 

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