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    Sensibility Grey is heading to California to meet her uncle.  She's underage and needs a guardian after her father's death.  She's never met him before but she doesn't expect any trouble.  That's what she finds, though.

    The author and instaFreebies  allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

    Sensibility is destitute.  Her father was an inventor and he spent not only the money they had but went into debt.  Upon his death, the creditors took everything.  She has only her tools and a carpet bag with a few coins sewn in her skirt.  She's hoping her uncle can help her out.  He's nowhere around when she arrives so she tries to wait patiently.  There's no one around and it makes her nervous.  Where could all the folks from San Francisco have gone?

    She hears some men talking and then a woman approaches her and drags her off.  She says she'll take her to her uncle but Sensibility isn't sure that's true.  From here, it turns into a fight over who is going to get her father's journal and the few pieces of equipment she brought with her.  

    There are five different parties involved in the quest to get Sensibility's goods.  She has no idea which one to believe.  She feels herself falling for Night but is it safe?

    This was a very good read.  I'm fond of steampunk so it was fun to read.  The plot's complex and her father wasn't as honorable as she thought he was.  I wonder where Sensibility is going next.  Wherever it is, I bet Mr. Night won't be far away.

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