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    He didn't know his parents, he was an orphan like everyone else.  What he did know was that he liked flying through the air like a trapeze artist.  He has his job to do but he enjoys showing off and watching the evening performances.  That's about to change...

    The author and instaFreebies let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and  you can get a copy now.

    This is a different read.  You get a general sense of the fantasy world he lives in and their customs but many things are left vague.  It adds to the mystique but it also makes me wonder what else we will learn in future books.

    When a father and his warships show up to retrieve an orphan, things start falling apart quickly.  He shows off for the pretty girl on board and then he finds out the man is looking for a friend of his.  It turns into war.  The battles are mean, many die, and you learn a bit more about the players in the performances.  The count is on the orphan's side for the most part.  He's a monster-like character.

    This novella introduces you to a new world where anything might happen.  I wonder where the author is going to take us next...  

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