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    Charlotte is a journalist in Alaska.  She's independent, determined and stubborn.  It makes interesting articles in the paper but in this story it almost kills her...

    Kensington Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published February 28th.

    There's a film crew in town that is going to shoot scenes in the Alaska wilds for their movie.  Her boss has a broken foot, so she gets assigned to go along with them and post articles about the coming film, the stars, and anything other that might be noteworthy.  She didn't expect to find a member of the crew dead.

    Her boyfriend is the local deputy, so he and her brother (the local doctor and coroner) come to examine the body and try to determine if was an accident or murder.  His neck is broken but he has only one slipper on and no gloves.  You don't go out into the freezing cold without protection on.  Maybe it wasn't a fall.

    The cast dislikes being held on the set and they aren't much happier in town.  The man's daughter wants to keep filming.  The man with the money wants them to quit and go home.  

    You have several members of the group who didn't get along with the dead man.  The Native American Indians were bracing him on how he was portraying them.  Suspects are all over the place.  She ferrets out what she can, her boyfriend asks questions and the answer is not right in front of them.  They know someone did it because he was strangled.  But which one?

    In the end, her curiosity almost gets her killed.  One thing it did for sure was let her know just how much the deputy loved her.  There's an ironic little twist at the end of the book.  It seems more than one person was trying to kill the victim...

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