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    Maisie Dobbs is back again and this time she's on a murder case.  A woman double agent she knows and has worked with before asks her to investigate a death that police are blowing off.  War has just been declared and the police have a lot to do.  They aren't investigating the case but they aren't closing it either.  They're just ignoring it...

    Harper sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published March 14th.

    Maisie is good at getting information out of people and based on how the man was murdered, she doesn't think it was a robbery even if his money is gone.  Dealing with grieving widows gives no one joy but sometimes they have information that will help with the case.  His wife and daughter say he had no enemies.  Someone must have not liked him.

    As more deaths show up, she finds that they are Belgium immigrants from the last war that didn't go home when the war was over.  She knows they must share some secret but she has no way to determine what it was.

    She keeps investigating and finds that the lady who gave her the case has been to visit these same people.  Why?  Is she the murderer?

    It's a complex story with a good story line even though it's filled with death.  The killer is much closer than they think.  It also all dates back to the transit to states.  It ends as it should but nobody really ended up happily ever after.  There will be more stories about Miss Dobbs, I'm sure.  And I'll be reading them.

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