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    She goes away to a business conference for a day and when she returns her boyfriend isn't there.  Neither are any of his belongings.  After four years together, he disappears in a day without even saying goodbye?  All of her things are back where they used to be before he brought his stuff in.  Even the quilt that was on the bed when she left has been exchanged for an old one of hers.  It was his, you see...

    Berkley and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published April 11th.

    Hannah can't believe Matt would do that so she decides to call him.  His number isn't on her phone anymore.  The photos she had have been deleted.  Any emails or texts to him have been deleted.  The same thing on her computer.  Then she finds out he's shut down all his social media.  When she calls his work, she finds out he wasn't there for the past week.  He quit.  She devastated, what's going on?

    Her work suffers, her friendships suffer, and she becomes obsessed with finding him.  But when she does, things quickly spiral out of control.

    This author takes you into the mind of Hannah and her desire to find Matt again.  He's the bad boy, the mean one, the one that left her.  It's a shock when you find out why.  Her other boyfriend left her for the same reason.  She has a temper she can't control and she conveniently forgets the damage she does as soon as she calms down.  Only this time she didn't calm down soon enough...

    The most chilling part of the whole story is the ending.  The story isn't over.  It's just beginning again... 

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