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    Helen is a US Marshall and she's been sent to pick up a fugitive.  While in route, she gets a call that tells her she has a new destination.  It's a small jail in Kill Devil Falls.  When she arrives, she finds it's a ghost town with very few residents.  She also knows someone sabotaged her tire at the restaurant she stopped at.  The only thing she can figure is that it must have been her fugitive's boyfriend.  So she's on the watch for him.  She should be on the watch for the town residents...

    Midnight Ink and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 8th.

    Everybody in town is strange and a bit crazy, as well as dangerous.  She intends to grab her fugitive and get back on the road, but her car won't start.  So now she has to sit and wait for the sheriff.

    In the meantime, the lights go out and she has to visit the odd guys in the trailer who do jobs around town.  They also grow pot.  While she's doing that, the prisoner gets away and someone cut her throat.  That's just the beginning of trouble...

    Everybody is trying to kill her.  They don't want their secrets to go public.  As people start dropping like flies, she's trying to piece together what they were doing and who's killing who.  There's a lot of tension in this story.  Adrenaline only lasts so long.  She loses her gun along the way.  They run through mining tunnels.  It'll wear you out before you get to the end.

    I liked the way the author ended it.  It was the best way for it all to come out.  You won't be bored if you read this one. 

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