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    This story begins during WW1.  The Queen Mary is taking war brides to the states to reunite with their husbands.  Not everyone on the boat is what they seem...

    Berkley Books allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    The story is a bit broken up at the beginning because you are getting the back story of the two main characters of that era.  You can piece it together, though and it smooths out as you read further.

    Three women are roommates on this trip and they become friends on the trip over.  At the end, they go on with their lives.  All but one.  One committed suicide.  Except a person from the present day doesn't believe it was suicide...

    Brette can see ghosts.  She's rather not and tries to fight it but the ability is there.  When a friend from high school asks her to visit the Queen Mary and see if the ghost of his wife is there, she says no.  But his little daughter believes she is and won't go home willingly.  She finally says yes.  But the ghost she finds is not the girl's mother.  For the first time, Brette feels like she needs to help this ghost to put it at peace.  It's not easy to do.

    You learn about the ugly price of war, it's toll on women, and what women will do to survive.  You also learn about friendship:  What true friendship is and how fulfilling it might not make you happy.

    The story ties together and the child is satisfied.  Brette is still adjusting to her talent but she feels much better about it at the end.  This one will keep you reading.

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