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    A young Japanese boy helps a crane escape a trap.  Her leg was caught but he was able to free her and pet her a bit before she leaves.  He is surprised to find a young girl at his door a days later but he takes her in to meet his father.  She's looking for a place to stay and offers to clean and work around the house.  The father tells her as long as she works, she can stay.

    Shen's Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this story for review (thank you).  It is being published today, so you can grab a copy now.

    When the father bemoans the fact that no one is buying what he is selling lately, he mentions silk is selling for good money.  She tells him she will weave him silk cloth if he stays out of the room that she works in.  He and the boy agree and she makes them beautiful cloth.  The problem is that the father begins living a life of leisure, eating and drinking all day.  He begins demanding more silk.  When she's worn and tired and can't make it as soon as he likes, he shoves her in the room and tells to make more.  When she takes too long, he opens the door and they find that the girl is actually the crane, who is using her feathers to make the silk.  She runs away, the boy follows.

    The illustrations are magical, the tale one that has been retold in various ways but this is the first time I came across this version.  It has a happy ending and it's a good story.  I really enjoyed it.

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