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    Faye and her husband, Joe, are going back to his home town for his father's sake.  He wants to spread his wife's ashes from years ago and is going to have an informal gathering to do it.  Joe is just barely getting along with his father and this isn't a convenient time but he needs to go.  Faye goes along and signs on for a temporary archeologist job in the same town.  She's going to be sorry she did.

    Poisoned Pen Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can get a copy now.

    What Faye and the other employees find is a buried body from almost 30 years ago.  The missing woman isn't missing anymore.  But her killer must be one of those in that small circle of people looking at her body.  Even Joe's father comes under suspicion.

    It's hard to look back thirty years and find the truth.  It's also hard to fathom anyone in that small circle of friends could be a killer.  It gets weirder as it goes along.  They get shot at on site, the police woman left as a guard is murdered.  The artifacts are stolen.  Suddenly two of the workers get shot at when they're at home.  Another one ends up dead.

    With sexual lust and jealousy at the base of the problem, it kept growing up and out.  Everyone has secrets.  When she finally thinks she may have some answers, she finds herself at a stand off between two men with an innocent man in the middle.  How do you diffuse that?

    There's local Indian history woven into this story and it makes it fascinating.  Joe and Faye love each other dearly but they have limits on trust and other issues.  This case bordered on breaking them up but they survived.  I'm looking forward to reading another in this series.

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