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    When Lily uses the magic she's learned to save Thorn from death, her whole castle turns against her.  There's an old tale about women having magic that started all the trouble through the ages.  It doesn't help when the trolls on their way, people in villages have been disappearing and the undead are walking.  What's worse is when they are going to autopsy a couple of dead villagers, they erupt.  They were full of crystal spiders...

    Disney Hyperion and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 11th.  This book is even better than the first book and I liked that a lot.

    Lily finds out that the original crystal spiders came from a cave in a small town.  She and Thorn go on a trip to the town to see it and see if that is where they are coming from.  Lily finds a dangerous ghost at the cave that tries to burn her up.  When she finds her old lady in waiting in the town, she finds out the history of the ghost and the spiders.  The worst part is that she learns her father was involved.  He's dead now but she wishes she could ask him about.

    Spiders are one of my worst nightmares so I shuddered as I read the description of how they blew out of the sky down on the unsuspecting people.  As the story goes on, they get even stronger and more of them.

    What Lily discovers is that she has a half-brother.  She wants to make peace with him but he's for of revenge.  The ghost in the cave was his mother who was burned to death.  No matter what she offers he refuses.  She has one last desperate attempt to save her land and her people.  Thorn tells her no, all her friends tell her no, but she uses the spider venom to enter the dream world...

    This is an exciting busy story with lots of detail and adventures.  I enjoyed reading it (despite the spiders) and the ending is dramatic.  Give it a try!

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