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    Bernie is at the big basketball game in Shiprock watching the current players playing the alumni.  She suddenly feels the earth shake a bit and goes outside to see what's going on.  A car in the lot has been blown up.  She's not on duty, but she takes charge and calls in help.  When the scene finally settles down, there's a young man close to the car who dies from his injuries.  Was he the bomber or an innocent person just walking by?

    Harper and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 11th.

    The car belonged to a mediator who is working with the Indians and the developers about a plan to develop a big resort at the Grand Canyon.  While the developers are all for it, the rest of the crowd is all against it.  It seems that someone opposing the development might have done it but they aren't finding the tie to it they need.  Then they found out the name of the boy who died.  And it ties back to the mediator.

    This is not only a story about environmental and sacred grounds concern but of a family that fell apart.  With everyone estranged, the mediator has no idea who might be after him.  They find him, though.

    Even Bernie almost dies.  She gets an up close and personal visit with a mountain lion but she sings to him and he leaves her alone.  The next person he meets isn't so lucky.

    It's another exciting read in this series with lots of Indian culture in the tale.  When I read these stories it's like visiting old friends.  I enjoyed it.

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