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    She's living in New Mexico now that she's retired and she loves it.  She paints at an artist colony that she has reserved a home in and life is good.  Then a phone call comes in from a friend's office saying that he's missing and hasn't shown up for work...

    Crooked Lane Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 9th.

    Nathan Walker is an old friend and someone she's even thinking of romantically since they are widow and widower now.  She doesn't want to lose him so she heads back to where she was police chief before and starts searching for him.

    As they try to follow his movements, they eventually locate his car but it doesn't tell them anything.  Even his cell phone doesn't help much.  But his security company and Katherine don't give up, they just keep digging.

    The police chief is a bit distracted because a woman was murdered and they found a dead man who had been run over.  A missing case doesn't take priority with him.  So Kathleen is free to snoop on her own.

    When she finds Nathan (who looks like Denzel), he's not in the best shape but he's OK.  The mystery isn't over yet.  There's bad stuff going on in town and it takes them to run it down.

    This was an interesting mystery and I like the two main characters. All Nathan's employees are "different" and I enjoyed that, too.   I hope to read another in this series.

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