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    Rachel owns the local bed and breakfast but when her mother has breast cancer and must use chemotherapy, she moves home to fill in and help.  Her mother still won't speak to her because she didn't get baptized but Rachel still loves her home and the community.  It hurts but she accepts it because she knows the reason she does it.

    Kensington Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published March 28th.

    Amish parents host singing nights with the young ones.  They provide food and drink and chaperone them until bedtime.  They allow them to sit out by the fire and chat.  Once in a while they have a few beers but nothing bad happens.  At least nothing did until Elsie and Dathan didn't come home after the event.  No one could find them or the carriage they'd been in.  Most everyone thought they'd run off to get married but her family didn't.  Rachel get caught up in it since she was her cousin.  When a senior trooper decides they must have done that, he stops investigating and tells the local trooper is to cease and desist on the case. Rachel's mother, still not speaking to her, lets her know she wants her to pursue the truth, whatever it might be.

    First they find Elsie's body, buried in the Amish cemetery in an unmarked grave.  Then they find Dathan's.  He's been hit by a car or a truck.  Who would have done that?  And why kill Elsie?

    This is a sad story because the killers committed their crimes more by being stupid and messing around drinking than from actual intent.  Elsie's older sister and Rachel almost die in the story, too.  Bad people are bad people.  

    I enjoy Amish stories.  I had cottoned onto the killers a bit early in the story but I enjoyed how the author dealt with the ending.  Not everybody is happy ever after but most of them are.  If you like Amish stories, you'll enjoy this one, too.

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