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    She falls from a tree and knocks herself out.  When she awakens, she goes home like usual.  But when she sleeps at night, she finds herself traveling to other planets...

    Image Comics let me read this story for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    Bortema is the oldest child in the family and she's not happy with her life.  She longs for adventure, for independence, and to get away from her parents.  All they do is let her work for them, she has no fun.  But she has a brother she doesn't want to leave behind.

    Her dreams take her to different worlds.  She's a different character in each world and she speaks different languages.  She was in one where someone she was with got hurt.  She wants to go back and see if she can fix that.  But she doesn't know how to go back.

    Meanwhile, her brother gets caught by bullies and is made to climb a tall wall.  When he gets there, he overhears a plot.  He's caught and jailed.  It's a good thing his monkey can help save him.  Then her parents agree to go along with a salt train and leave them home alone.  The money runs out and Bortema tells her brother they need to go to the bigger city where there are more opportunities.  They almost die on the way and while it seemed perfect at first, that changed.  

    The artwork is gorgeous and the story intriguing.  I'll be watching for future installments in this story.

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